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Expand your international business into the UK with...

  • free 6 months use of an office or workshop
  • free 1-to-1 business support from a mentor

The UK is a great place to do business. Expanding into the UK offers huge potential for international companies looking to access the UK market or get a foothold into Europe.

RiDO's award winning Business Centres are located in Rotherham at the heart of the UK. The Centres offer modern premises combined with tailored business support in a cost-effective location to help your business grow and succeed.

Rotherham's location at the centre of the UK combined with a superb transport infrastructure mean that it is ideally positioned for business; regionally, nationally and internationally. The excellent road transport network and Rotherham's geographical positioning allows access to 21 million people within two hours by road. That's one-thirds of the UK population.

inward-map-for-web-2Rotherham is 160 miles (260km) by road from London, and also offers fast and easy road and rail links to the rest of the UK. Four international airports within 90 minutes give Rotherham-based companies access to Europe, USA and beyond.

A combination of relatively low employment costs, premises rental levels and living costs makes the region a cost effective location to launch UK operations.

RiDO Business Centres are the only business centres in England that have the National Business Incubation Association's (NBIA) Soft Landings International Incubators designation. Through our funded Soft Landings program we offer a comprehensive array of services for small, dynamic international companies expanding into one of our centres. Companies can benefit from a package of support for the first six months to assist their transition into the UK market, including:

  • free 6 months use of an office or workshop with reception and admin support.
  • free 1-to-1 mentoring from a business advisor, who can provide access to relevant specialist help and advice, and links to appropriate support organisations and trade bodies.

Rotherham has a proud industrial heritage, and is now building a new future with exciting new jobs and investment. It has created a diverse and thriving economy, offering excellent conditions for jobs and businesses in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, food production, healthcare, automotive components, ICT and other hi-tech industries. Almost 90 overseas companies have already invested in Rotherham.

For more information about our Soft Landing Zone support package or for an application form, contact international@ridobusinesscentres.co.uk.

Offer subject to availability and selection criteria; terms and conditions apply.

The Growth and Prosperity in Rotherham (Soft Landings Zone) Project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (2007-13) in Yorkshire & The Humber under the Priority 2 Prospectus ‘Supporting and Stimulating Successful Enterprise’.

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