Matrix@Dinnington: Helping GRC Synergies raise international standards in the construction sector

Matrix Dinnington 26

GRC Synergies is a unique specialist operating globally and providing consultancy, engineering and accredited testing services to the Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete industry. When it came to finding premises capable of offering the flexibility needed to adapt and respond to changing global demands, the specialist supplier to the construction industry found its perfect partner with RiDO’s Matrix@Dinnington Business Centre.

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (commonly known as GRC or GFRC) is a lightweight concrete material typically used to manufacture external building cladding. GRC products give the appearance and solidity of natural quarried stone, whilst saving up to 75% of the weight of traditional stone or precast cladding elements. Importantly the material is environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

Launched by Bob Faulding, owner and Managing Director in 2013 as part of the wider PBS Synergies Group, GRC Synergies assists specifiers, buyer’s and manufacturers of GRC to ensure products meet current quality standards. This includes extensive testing at the company’s Matrix-based laboratory. This facility is the only UKAS accredited GRC testing facility in the UK and believed to be the only testing facility of its kind in the world suitably accredited for GRC testing by an ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation) signatory body.

Specimens of products used in construction projects taking place across the world are sent to GRC Synergies by manufacturers and users of GRC products which are then rigorously tested to examine a range of properties including water absorption, product density, weathering, flexibility, sheer loading and tensile strength. All tests are carried out in accordance with UK, European and US testing standards as well as the businesses own laboratory developed or modified methods.

IN 2017, after securing a number of new business wins with clients in Europe GRC Synergies began searching for the perfect premises where it could operate its unique lab facility as well as providing a platform to grow the business further. 

Having previously operated the Group’s manufacturing facilities from Dinnington Bob was keen to find a location based in the in the town. After spending time visiting the Matrix, Bob relocated GRC Synergies to the RiDO operated Matrix@Dinnington.

“I needed a location which could provide the company with some degree of flexibility and after visiting the Matrix Centre for the first time, I knew it would be perfect place to grow my business said Bob Faulding, Managing Director of GRC Synergies.

“The construction sector is renowned for its peaks and troughs and I knew that a traditional fixed term leasing agreement wouldn’t suit our business model. We wanted to find a location which could offer flexible terms. It’s a modern, purpose-built business centre and has always been well run and managed and the centre’s staff have always been on hand to support us. In addition, high speed digital connections allow us to communicate easily with customers from Europe, Asia, China and USA. The benefit of 24-hour access allows us to accommodate differing client time zones. 

“In addition, during periods of high demand for our services, the management team have helped us to source additional units within the building giving us the additional space needed to meet our obligations to our clients.”

Sarah Hanson, RiDO Business Centre Coordinator, Matrix@Dinnington said:

“GRC Synergies is a truly unique business which is helping to improve quality standards across the world. In addition to the company’s core testing facilities, they use their expertise to support others working in the GRC sector. The company had been based in Dinnington for a number of years prior to relocating to Matrix@Dinnington and they were keen to source suitable premises in the local area to support their existing workforce.

“It was important for GRC synergies to be able to find premises which not only met the needs of their business, but one which would could also meet the changing demands of their business. All RiDO-operated business centres provide tenants with flexible easy-in, easy-out terms which has enabled them to expand their business during periods of high demand.”

Matrix@Dinnington provides a fully managed, high-quality working environment for small businesses consisting of 41 offices and workshop units in Rotherham. Located on the brand new Dinnington Business Park, it is the first RiDO business centre to be built in the south of the borough. It is easy to reach, being only five minutes’ drive from junction 31 of the M1, and is within easy access of Doncaster, Worksop, Chesterfield and Sheffield. To find out more call 01909 547 000 or email



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