Generate more leads with AI

Learn how to generate more leads with AI.

In the workshop, we break down the 3 steps to generating more leads: capture, automated nurturing, and converting.

Starting with ‘Capture’, we look at the sales message and how you can use AI to create Social Media content and Facebook ads to promote that message specifically for lead generation. Our aim is to get them to click and head to your landing page.

We then focus on finding and using quick-to-build templates to create the right landing pages that encourages people to enter your sales funnel. Finally, we will use AI to create an email sequence that’s going to automate some of your conversations.

Knowing these 3 steps and how to use AI to make things quick, easy, and effective will propel the number of clients you have.


21st May 2024, 09:30am — 01:30pm


Century 2 Business Centre, Dearne Lane, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 5DP

Spaces are limited – to register please contact Julia Millea or Darren McDool:


Tel: 01709 331111

The workshop is free to attend and forms part of the Sheffield City Region Launchpad programme.